Zero Waste Travel

The thought of packing your life into a suitcase for a weekend trip let alone a two week trip can be daunting.
See below my top tips for a zero waste trip:
Embrace e-tickets
Download your plane ticket. You can get a PDF of your ticket on your phone. Some airlines offer you the option to purchase “carbon offsets” that essentially take the carbon dioxide emissions you’ve contributed to as a passenger out of the air through a variety of ways such as planting a tree.
Don’t forget your net bag
These bags are super handy. A zero waste holiday must have.
A high number of Mediterranean countries give plastic bags out with every item purchased.Today, plastic represents 95 per cent of the waste floating in the Mediterranean and lying on its beaches.
A reusable net bag or tote bag is great to always have on hand. If you go somewhere and you buy something, instead of taking a plastic bag you can just use your reusable bag.
Just because you’re going zero-waste doesn’t mean you’re going zero-style.
I purchased my vintage 1950’s Triumph swimsuit in Lucy’s Lounge vintage store in Temple Bar Dublin.
Vintage swimsuits are a great way to inject some fun into your holiday wardrobe and to reuse the resources we already have available. You can find very interesting 1950’s-1980’s swimsuits in Dublin vintage stores.
If vintage is not your thing, I recommend using where you can buy modern styles that people no longer want and are selling. This is another great way to reduce your environmental fashion footprint.
The clothing sharing economy is a fantastic way to stay fast fashion free while on holidays.I suggest using clothing rental / swap sites or borrowing from family.
Green is the new black accommodation
We visited this beautiful organic farm called Vioma in Mykonos.
Sometimes I wish had a ”green filter” option for for accommodation in my favourite destinations.At the moment it’s a matter of a little extra research and the word of mouth approach.
It’s best to choose ecologically or culturally important destinations, and make the most of your time there by volunteering, staying in a homestay, or an Airbnb instead of a hotel. Below are some of the top sustainable destinations for 2018:





Costa Rica