Tech spotlight : Tono Willms CEO at Eevie

Tono Profile

City : Munich

Country : Germany

 Cat : For our readers who may not be familiar with the eco-friendly assistant app Eevie; tell us a bit about yourself  and “Eevie”.

Tono : I’m from an hour outside of Munich in Germany, right beside the mountains.The team consists of Tono  Willms, Lenni Paar, Raphi Ferretti and Ned Horneffer based in Munich, Vienna and New York.

In EEVIE („E“ for Ecological and „EVIE“ meaning life) we envision an assistant that organizes eco-responsibility into our daily lives without compromising our convenience, striving at making the eco-responsible lifestyle the better alternative. 

We our selves do not live a truly eco-responsible lifestyle as of yet, but we are getting better day by day and hope that EEVIE will help us (and maybe many more people in this world) make this transition easier than ever before. 

Cat : Can you please tell us about the android beta testing and how it works?
When will it be available on iPhone? Is this the final version?
Tono : The main mission for our android beta is to validate our fundamental business hypotheses that: people will be able to form eco-friendly habits easier when proactively assisted in the right moment and time.
On top of that we want to use the beta to test all kinds of different approaches in sustainable habit formation and to see what our users like most. We therefore post new updates biweekly and always utilize user-feedback for further developments of features etc.

Our goal is to identify an approach that actually works and that our users really love. We want nothing more to enable anyone to live sustainable and to enjoy every single bit of that life. This way the sustainable alternative becomes the more desirable one, and super desirable it must be for us to get to the masses 😛

All of this will only work if all of our testers engage themselves with thoughts, ideas and feedback. We need and want to hear form everyone what they like or dislike, or what they would like eevie to be. This way together we can build a motor to help the rest of us change our ways.

iPhone will launch when all of above is figured out and the „real launch“ will happen, hopefully by the end of the year.
And to your last point, there will hopefully never be a last version :), as being innovative and ever changing is at the core of who we are at humbldt.

Cat : Luckily I’m an android girl so I received a notification from eevie in my local supermarket this evening about peak season produce. I also received  a reminder when I was out for dinner about disposable cups. 

Cat : What are your future plans for Eevie? What can we expect from Eevie?

Tono : After achieving what I stated above, we plan to go to market and start building out partnerships. Eevie is meant to be a platform for sustainable life. We imagine Eevie as a one-stop-shop or aggregator for anything you may desire in your journey of becoming a sustainable person.

This means we have to focus ourselves to be the best at helping our users form eco-friendly habits and will therefore have to provide them with any solution they may need in the process. There are so many amazing likeminded entrepreneurs out there (like yourself :)) solving the hundreds’ of problems we are facing in becoming a sustainable society, partnerships will be key to our all success.

Once our platform is built and partnerships are made the focus will be to improve our service so that literally anyone can find use in Eevie, thus working step for step towards our vision of enabling everyone to live eco-friendly lives.

Cat : Some of these app based assistants can become quite irritating after some time. How will you ensure Eevie doesn’t become the assistant from hell?
Tono : Assistants mainly become irritating because they become predictable, repetitive and their utility converges. The aim of an assistant must be to become better the more it is used. We spent hours over hours debating this topic. Our focus is to ensure that Eevie develops following qualities over time which we defined to be the quintessential qualities of an assistant: 1) Foresighted, 2) Non-intrusive and 3) Concise.
Now speaking more practically in respect to thinking of Eevie as an assistant thats main job is to help you form eco-friendly habits, it is key that we become amazing at identifying the right context in which Eevie’s help is useful enough not to be irritating!
Cat : Thanks for educating us on your amazing game changing app. I’m super excited about Eevie and Sustain / Sister look forward to partnering with Eevie in the coming months.