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Meet Alésia! Italian Swimwear designer on Sustain/Sister

About AléSia and her dreams of being a fashion designer  My nameʼs Alessia Lochi and Iʼm the Alésiaʼs founder and designer. The idea of Alésia was born and grew up with me. Since I was a child I wanted to be a fashion designer and by the age of 6 I started sewing as a […]

Sustainable fashion for beginners

There is no such thing as being 100% sustainable with fashion due to the way we take care of and wash our clothing. However, below are our top tips for making your wardrobe a little greener and chicer. SECOND HAND My number one sustainable solution because the pieces already exist, so you are saving the […]

Chatting with Nadja Forsberg – Swedish Stockings founder and creative director

CITY : Stockholm COUNTRY : Sweden Meet Nadja and Linn co-founders of the world’s first sustainable hosiery brand and winners of Elle product of the year 2016. sustainsister.com are very excited to be the first  and only retailer in Ireland selling Swedish Stockings and you can now shop them in our Sustain collection. Who is […]

Interview with sustainable fashion brand Mila Vert Founder and Designer Tina Logar Bauchmuller

    CITY : LJUBLJANA COUNTRY: SLOVENIA How did you get into sustainable fashion? Fashion design has always been my passion. Since childhood, I consulted my grandmother who mastered the art of tailoring and local seamstresses to help me carryout my design ideas. For long, I got inspired by sustainability ideas, because my environment has […]