Sustainable fashion for beginners

There is no such thing as being 100% sustainable with fashion due to the way we take care of and wash our clothing. However, below are our top tips for making your wardrobe a little greener and chicer.


My number one sustainable solution because the pieces already exist, so you are saving the negative impact of production.

Best stores in Ireland for second hand shopping run by men and women alike.

  • Jenny Vander Antiques located on Drury street is a very special vintage haven. Gail Kinsella meticulously curates this store for her customers to feel like they are taking a step back in fashion history. Visit Jenny Vander if you are looking to bag some amazing designer pieces by Givenchy, jean paul Gaultier or Chanel. It’s also the perfect place to get a wedding guest outfit that no one else will have. Gail gets her clothing from London, Paris and New York and is always on the look out for new gems.
  • Tasty Threads consignment store on middle Abbey Street owned by Freddie Mehigan a true vintage and sustainable fashion connoisseur in Ireland. This man knows his stuff and has a very nice fashion energy and vibe. He switches between talking about vintage 1950’s hats to talking about surfing or skate boarding!
  • OM Diva vintage basement a darling of a shop run by Ruth Ní Loinsigh and her wonderful team of knowledgeable stylists and fashion designers. Head straight down to the basement of this store for one of the most eclectic fashion troves Dublin city has to offer. My clients very rarely/never leave this store without buying something!
  • Lucy’s lounge Temple Bar. I honestly do not have the words to describe the experience you will receive in this store. It’s a carnival for fashionistas. Owner Dee who has been trading since 1987 describes herself as a rag dealer. ”I sell the things people don’t want anymore and there lies the fascination”. ”Something that someone discards and abandons is someone else’s treasure”. If you’re in store on Saturday be sure to chat to Max Macken music, philosophy and fashion expert for some of the best fashion and styling tips the capital has to offer.
  • The Brazilian Dresser – Give Brown Thomas a miss and do a semi guilt free trip here while telling yourself you’re saving the planet by purchasing a second hand immaculate Chanel, Louis, Prada or Miu Miu.


Giving items a new lease of life through organised swapshops. Swapshops in Dublin Ireland are held by the wonderful Zero Waste Ireland community. They host regular swapping events at their markets in the Food Co-Op in Dublin 8. Nu wardrobe an Irish female led sustainable fashion startup often run swapshops in universities across Ireland. Clothing swaps can also be arranged between friends, family and work places. My favourite is an online based marketplace Depop. It gives consumers the opportunity to sell or swap. I’m very impatient and like convenience when it comes to fashion  so generally search for items nearby.


Having as little as possible means less consumption.

I filled up boxes and boxes of clothing and dropped them off at my local charity shop in a bid to lead a more minimalist lifestyle. BAD IDEA. I learnt the hard way that it is not about getting rid of what you already have, it’s more about buying less / buying nothing.

Disclaimer : This only works for a certain kind of person.


Minimize your carbon footprint! Garment transport puts out a huge amount of C02, which can be reduced by minimizing the distances during production.

Our favourite local Irish designers are:

Michelle Wall

Beibhín the label

Jack Roche

 A tag that says ‘made in IRELAND’ does not necessarily mean that the entire garment was made in Ireland. If you’re not certain just ask 🙂

Check out the conscious closet guide for more information on how to build a conscious closet.