Sustain Sister talks to Laura Strambi Green Luxury Designer


Green fashion companies are taking the next step in terms of using eco-friendly materials. A host of brands have found innovative ways to use fruits to make clothing fabric. We spoke to green luxury fashion designer Laura Strambi. Laura Strambi is a brand with a strong feminine identity, a minimalist style and a clean and basic design. Her collections are totally eco-friendly and entirely Made in Italy.

This is what the designer told Sustain Sister about the introduction of natural resources to her collection
I decided to introduce PINATEX because is a completely organic and suistanable fabric . It really embodies our philosophy and there is even an important social project .

For SS18 we have seen sneak peak of pineapple leaf bags. When and where will these be available to purchase?
Bags will be available exclusively on YOOX and on our website ( on the end of February.

What is the Laura Strambi philosophy? 
Laura Strambi is a brand with a strong feminine identity, a minimalist style, and clean, basic designs. In addition to a high amount of creativity, her collections are totally eco-friendly and entirely Made in Italy. One of the  brand’s priorities is to produce an entirely sustainable fashion creating top-quality elegant and refined garments in respect of the environment and of our planet, embracing the key principles of “green philosophy”. All the fabrics are certified and traceable and come from top Italian manufactures; dyes are all heavy-metal free (azo-free) and all production processes are carried out in respect of the highest standards in terms of water and energy saving.

The future of luxury fashion?                                                                                                                                                                         I’m  currently seeing others designers using ecofriendly materials , especially in Northern Europe . Even in Italy, after the Green Carpet Challenge , we can see more fashion designers are becoming interested in this field of fashion . I feel that the research for ecofriendly fabrics is growing.



Jacket made from Pinatex (a fabric made of pineapple leaves)
Jacket made from Pinatex (a fabric made of pineapple leaves)


salvatore ferragamo dress made from orange peels