Riyka London

CITY : London


Making Fair Fashion fun!Meet Rebecca & Vedran husband and wife team and sustainable fashion designers based in London.

How did Riyka come about?

Riyka was born out of a need to create something that would express what we believe in. We both did not want to work for someone else, we wanted to create something that was our own and reflected our ideas.


Why are you passionate about sustainable fashion?

In our day to day life we try and be conscious consumers, so Riyka is a natural reflection of that plus we do not see beauty in something that has a negative impact on the environment / people.


What are your top tips for others trying to lead more sustainable lives?

Always think 10 times before you buy something new. Its hard but it possible, its almost like a re-education, and we do this with everything we consume. there are also questions that you should be asking about the product you want-the way it was made, where has it come from and who made it. Once you start asking these questions you become much more aware of how bad fast fashion and mindless consuming is.


Tell us how Riyka clothing are produced and how you pick fabrics?

Riyka is produced in a small atelier in Sofia Bulgaria, its a fair wage production unit that respects our zero waste policy. We pick our fabrics from suppliers we know we can trust, they can give us answers to where and how the fabrics are made. we are aiming that every fabric must have at least 1 sustainable aspect to it, either reclaimed, British made, fair-trade, organic or has minimum impact on the environment. We now design the collection after we have decided on the fabrics, because the variety in sustainable fabrics is limited, we let the fabric lead the design process and work with what we can source.


When is your next collection out?

our next collection will be out in August 2017