A multi-functional and adjustable dress that transforms into a skirt with endless possibilities.

Each design is developed with fluid fit and functionality while ensuring a minimal aesthetic. The first product launch is the W dress which converts into a skirt, can be worn 14 different ways and styled with endless possibilities.

DOOBLAVEY is an independent clothing brand that focuses on creating multifunctional clothing to reduce consumption. Our intention is to create versatile clothing for everyday wear in addition to making minimal modern pieces that can transform with your style.

Founded by Designer Jiayin Zheng. Today’s women are extremely dynamic, especially our schedules. We have work, lunch, happy hour, friend time, hobbies, side businesses, travels, family time, date night, me time, etc. On many occasions, we have to make 3 outfit changes in one day for different events. This challenge plus the fact that there are 13 million tons of textile waste sitting in landfills led us to DOOBLAVEY’s mission.


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