Plastic Free July

Plastic free July started as a small movement in Australia in 2011 and has since expanded to over 100 cities with millions of participants worldwide.The main aim behind plastic free July is to encourage people to not use any single-use plastics during the month in hopes to help them form more sustainable habits.

I am participating in plastic free July. Below are some basic tips that might help you during plastic free July.

Bring your own cup

  • Bring a keep cup or a thermos mug along with you to your local coffee shop. A large number of coffee shops offer a small discount for bringing your own. There’s some very sleek reusable coffee cups on the market at the moment. I have a barista keepcup and believe it’s one of the better options available.

Personal Care

Plastic free personal care can seem quite daunting but I found it the easiest switch.While many personal care items such as tooth brushes, deodorants and razers are not single use plastics.Plastic free July is a great opportunity to explore some of the other options that are available to cut down on your waste and environmental impact.

  • Swap your bottled shower gel for package free soap
  • Ditch disposable razors and learn how to shave like a gentleman with a stainless steel option
  • A great excuse to experiment with a shampoo bar or be brave by using nothing in your hair and let it eventually self wash itself
  • Bamboo toothbrushes are a great alternative to the plastic ones

Food. Try zero waste super markets or dropchef it!

I am gradually moving towards a more sustainable way of grocery shipping with help from the Dublin Food Co-op in Dublin 8, Small changes in Drumcondra and through the online store minimal waste grocery. I have also signed up with Dropchef which is a great way to cut down on food waste. The Dropchef concept is fantastic for so many reasons. For every meal you cook they give a meal to a child in need.

Reusable bags. Net bags a chic alternative to plastic!

I have opted for these net bags available on


Plastic free cleaning products. Create dont consume!

There is really no need to purchase ‘wonder’ pre-packaged cleaning products when you can make your own!

  • All purpose cleaner: Fill an old spray bottle with vinegar and water. 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water
  • Cleaning rags : Instead of buying them in plastic, recycle old towels, clothing and sheets that are past their used by date. Cut them up and use them around the house
  • Line your bin with newspaper instead of plastic sacks
  • Cleaning glass : Pour a little vinegar onto an old piece of newspaper or paper and wipe your glasses, mirror or coffee table
  • Clean toilets : Sprinkle bicarb/ baking soda into a cup. Rinse with vinegar and scrub.

Ditch the straw