Meet Alésia! Italian Swimwear designer on Sustain/Sister

About AléSia and her dreams of being a fashion designer 

My nameʼs Alessia Lochi and Iʼm the Alésiaʼs founder and designer.
The idea of Alésia was born and grew up with me. Since I was a child I wanted to be a
fashion designer and by the age of 6 I started sewing as a self-taught.I studied fashion design in the High School and I have experienced the some things a bit‘more complex as swimwear (which is my passion).After graduating in fashion design I moved to Milan and I worked for different brands but never directly as a designer or product developer (McQueen, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein Collection and Marni for which I still work for the fashion show set up).In this way I have always been able to see the fashion system closely, learning and inspiring myself.

A Puglia born brand 

Alèsia has become reality 10 years later when I returned to Puglia, my motherland, and
finally I had the chance to work in a style and product development office.Despite having the job of my dreams, it was not easy for me to come back here and Alésiasaved me. What I had here? The sea. I then approached yoga and met my currentboyfriend who loves surfing. By the union of all this thing is born Alésia.Alésia (the name) has literally stuck to me. I travel a lot and for a series of events, my name
was always reduced by a S.Besides that one time in Paris I ended up staying near the metro station of Alésia,discovering a whole neighborhood and a beautiful atelier of Matisse at 37bis of the Villa
dʼAlésia. I didnʼt have to think twice: Alésia would have been the name of my brand .

Inspiration from Yoga, surfing and sustainability

Alésia is inspired by yoga and surfing philosophy and takes care of eco-sustainability and
handmade quality even as a territorial tradition.The purpouse of yoga philosophy is the psycho-physical well-being through bodily movements, meditation and breathing in order to capture also the non-verbal messages of what surrounds us.Itʼs also a kind of magic for me and the colors have a fundamental role.
My swimsuits are colorful and comfortable, but not just in shapes as in the fabrics for which I have done a long and careful research until I find the right one and super certified for its qualities (from comfort to quick drying , anallegic and with the protection factor for UV rays … for that itʼs called Sensitive).The philosophy of surfing instead is a bit ‘more dramatic, if by drama we mean an action that remains unpredictable until the end, where you stay there to see what happens and the tension alternates with recovery.”The surfer who performs evolutions on the wave is the expression of every man facing the risks of life, now happy, which he has to take it, now unhappy, who must avoid or endure” Frédéric Schiffter. But the important factor to consider was the eco-sustainability combined with thehandicraft of Alésia: today it should be a duty for each of us.

Handmade to reduce the impact on our environment

So it’s all handmade with the classic sartorial process and specifically not industrialized in
order to try to reduce the impact on our environment (with the help of two lovely
seamstresses). The company that produces the fabrics moreover will soon be able to
produce recycled fabrics.

First collection available on Sustain/Sister

For all these reasons my collections are quite limited number and Iʼd like to let on the
typical southern passion in every single piece.The design of this first collection is inspired by the 50ʼs, Ellsworth Kelly characters andcolours trying to keep clean fashion lines.The first Alésiaʼs collection is made up of bikini, swimsuits, hybrids betwee swim and wetsuit and yoga clothes that you can use also to go out or your everyday life.Furthermore, Iʼve worked on a surfsocks capsule together with art designer Cosma (my boyfriend): bags for surfboards totally painted / printed and sewed handmade.
Alésia is therefore not just a category but a concept, a concept indeed, and I really hope
to introduce soon other pieces of clothing that reflect my philosophy.

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