Interview with sustainable fashion brand Mila Vert Founder and Designer Tina Logar Bauchmuller





How did you get into sustainable fashion?

Fashion design has always been my passion. Since childhood, I consulted my grandmother who mastered the art of tailoring and local seamstresses to help me carryout my design ideas. For long, I got inspired by sustainability ideas, because my environment has been encouraging, but also as I see it as a way into a better future for all of us. I live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, which has become known for its many sustainability initiatives – from investing in public cycling schemes and infrastructure, over zero waste projects, to designing and maintaining new green areas in town. In reflection of these efforts, Ljubljana became the Green capital of Europe in 2016, which further scaled up the green energy in town. A couple of years ago, I have studied in the Netherlands and Sweden, which are also known for their sustainability. So for me sustainability in fashion is the logical step.

What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from so many sources, but if I have to mention one thing it would be – minimalism. Minimalism in architecture, interior design, fashion, nature.  

Do you see the entire fashion world going down the environmentally friendly and ethical road eventually?

Probably my view is currently a bit biased as I am much involved in this part of fashion industry but indeed I see it that way – especially when you see that the fast fashion producers are shifting – because the demand for higher ethics in ways of production of our clothing is growing, and because expressing those ethics becomes popular, too. These trends, and our powerful individual role in them should make us optimistic – even as “small” buyers we have a significant impact on the ways of clothing production.

What do you do in your spare time in Slovenia?

I find cycling trips with family or any other trips to nature the most calming and relaxing way of spending spare time. And on rainy days, I like discovering new sustainability and fashion initiatives like yours via the internet.