Interview with Sustainable Fashion Brand Rinconcult

  City : Los Angeles

Country : USA


Rinconcult are an eco- conscious lifestyle website and pop-up shop, that sources for all the latest ethical & sustainable fashion, beauty and all-around lifestyle needs. Founded by Alexis Stroman, Rinconcult offer high quality, preloved garments through their HandPicked4U collection, staying true to the motto of Recycle, Re-Fashion & Reform. Ultimately they look to encourage smarter consumerism through the idea of “quality over quantity” meaning to purchase slow fashion, ethically and/or locally made, only when needed (minimal) and second-hand, meaning preloved or up-cycled.

How did Rinconcult come about? 

I’ve been working in the Los Angeles (SF and NY) apparel manufacturing industry for the past 8yrs and it took me a little over 1yr in, to realize the need to expose the negative effects of mass production known as fast fashion. I was witnessing and participating in an industry that had no regard for the negative impact it contributes to the environment, human rights and consumerism; it was then that RinconCult was born. Out of a need to protest, “expose” and educate consumers on those violation.

What should a customer expect when buying from your website?

RinconCult provides preloved “2nd hand garments” through our #HandPicked4Ucollection, which promises impeccable garment construction and non-fast fashion brands, when the customer trust one of our fashionistas to pick the item for them. We are not “trend” focused, and approach all of our styling with a long-lasting minimalist take. In addition we will soon be launching a collection of new items (Apparel and non-apparel) that are 100% from sustainable& of ethical brands.


What drives your passion for sustainable fashion?

The environment– the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluting industry.

Human rights-fast fashion brands have been exposed (over and over) for child labor, unfair wages, dangerous working conditions and modern day slavery.

Consumerism– as these large companies have convinced us that a tee shirt should cost $5.  What drives RinconCults’ passion for sustainable fashion is the need to educate and inform consumers… if you purchase a $5 top, how much do you think the worker made? from the cotton farmer, to the sewer… Much like the factory farming industry, the garment industry has done an excellent job at marketing to consumers and selling us this pretense of what actually goes on “behind closed doors”. It’s time we challenge that farce, and in a ‘figure of speech’ rage war against the injustice.


What are your top tips for others trying to lead more sustainable lives?

 Cut yourself some slack. To me, a sustainable lifestyle is being conscious of what you put into your body, on your body and how you surround your body. It’s full circle, and in so, requires life changes, and that takes time. Start with small changes, it be meatless Mondays, shopping a local designer or thrift (instead of going to a fast fashion retailers), and as simple as asking yourself with any and every consumer choice you must make “do I NEED this”


**Photography by Elaine Torres**