My favourite fashion items

I believe that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. We have the power to shop mindfully and in turn make choices that radiate goodness into the world.

My tips for shopping sustainably are:

1 Buy second hand / vintage where possible

2 Swap and borrow

3 Buy ethically produced products made from environmentally friendly fabrics

Alexa Chung for AG black denim dungarees bring me back to my 90’s childhood. They are top quality and definitely an investment piece. The cream Aran jumper is a quality piece and will last me many years. Aran jumpers have been worn by superstars like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Steve McQueen. Last year the Aran Jumper was chosen as one of the most iconic fashions by the MOMA in New York City. I’m a huge fan of Faye Dinsmore’s Aran Jumper range and hope to get my hands on one in the future.
Claudie Pierlot 100% wool coat. A bit of a splurge purchase but it’s an investment coat for the winter wardrobe (or so I tell myself). Wool is an all-natural, renewable fibre, grown on sheep. Wool is a planet-friendly fibre for many reasons which makes me feel less guilty about buying a new product. Fashion Rev. fact: 1 in 6 people work in fashion & related industries. Given it’s the second biggest polluter and 60% of garment workers are in poverty stricken areas, don’t you agree we can do better? I respect designers like Claudie Pierlot who utilize sustainable fabrics.





I bought this wonderful mustard yellow jacket in the Vintage Kilo store in Paris. It’s one of my all time favourite vintage purchases.

Inherited items from family and friends:

This fur coat was a gift from my father to my mother in the early 80’s when I’m sure he was trying to impress her. It has been in my wardrobe since I was 17 and I treasure it. The necklace in this picture belonged to my Grandmother and I borrow it when I want to feel fancy!

Breton tees are a must have in the capsule wardrobe. This one is from & Other Stories is no exception! I received this from a friend who was doing a charity shop drop off. The bomber is available to purchase on It is made from tencel one of my top sustainable fabrics.Ethical fashion is such a beautiful thing because garments are made with so much love and consciousness.
The silk scarf in this image belonged to my Grandmother. After she passed away I received some of her finest pieces. People of her generation appreciated true quality and looked after their items. Sadly, the Zara generation and fast fashion has changed this.

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