Ethical Irish designers

Bébhínn – You dont have to compromise style for ethics.

Born from the desire to create a more thoughtful, deliberate shopping experience;  Bébhínn established her brand with a sensitivity and respect to the design process, promoting the slow, natural accumulation of lasting wardrobe pieces. Representing a structured fluidity inspired primarily by the architecture of organic forms, Bébhínn carefully selects each of her purist fabrics by hand. Linen from Emblem Weavers in Co. Wexford and Merino Wool from donegal Yarns in Co. Donegal.


Grown – A tree for every tee.

One indigenous Irish tree is planted for every t-shirt they create. 

Ekotree – Sustainable Irish knitwear company based in Doolin.

Designer-makers of Irish knitwear using the highest quality natural yarns including cashmere, superfine alpaca, lambs wool merino, mohair, linen & organic cotton.



Squirrel versus magpie – Putting the E in ethical with these eclectic pieces.

The Squirrel Versus Magpie name reflects the ethos and the challenges that face the brand.Like the squirrel, it is their goal to be prudent and responsible with the environmental and human resources we use, while also satisfying the inner magpie that wants beautiful, covet-able things.From the initial research and design through to sourcing and manufacturing, the two founders and designers Gillie and Sarah Casey are constantly considering the environmental and ethical impact of our supply chain. The journey of each garment is as important as the design.


Ethical Silk Company -Timeless design driven by sustainability.

Local Irish designer that combines sharp design, the skills of local dressmakers and the principles of honesty and sustainability.