DOOBLAVEY – The multifunctional dress for the modern woman


CITY : Chicago

COUNTRY : United States

Meet Jiayin Zheng the inspirational lady behind the W Dress. The dress with ”endless possibilities”.

We discovered her on Kickstarter and have been following her journey since.

We have now partnered up with Dooblavey and you can shop the W Dress right here on .

 Where did the idea stem from?

The idea of the W Dress came to my mind 2 years ago. I was really interested in the idea of multi-functional clothing through Japanese minimalism. At the time I was working a 9-5 marketing job and I would make a sample whenever I was free, refining the design and fit each time. Last year, I quit my job on a whim and moved to Taiwan with my boyfriend for six months. I was determined to do something with my idea and find an ethical manufacturer in Taiwan, so DOOBLAVEY was born.

 Why do you use surplus fabrics in your production?

I wanted to create a brand that is sustainable and waste conscious. Surplus fabric is essentially pre-consumer waste, which are leftover or unwanted fabrics by big companies due to seasonality, color mismatch or other reasons. By using surplus fabric, I am giving life to something that has could potentially end up in landfills. Now, they can become a piece of garment loved by many.

Tell us about your mission and vision?

DOOBLAVEY focuses on creating multifunctional clothing to reduce consumption. Our intention is to create versatile clothing for everyday wear in addition to making minimal modern pieces that can transform with your style. Made by women, for women, our hope is to design multifunctional and purposeful clothing to move consumers toward a minimal, longer lasting wardrobe. We hope this will encourage everyone to think deeper about the problematic fashion cycle and how they can contribute to the change that our environment needs.

 Why is shopping ethical important to you?

Shopping ethical became important when I learned that 13 million tons of clothes go to landfills each year in America alone. Worldwide, it is the second most polluted industry after oil. As a consumer and a young designer, I realized if I don’t play a part in making a change, I’m only adding to the waste. I want to change the consumer’s perception from fast fashion back to heavily investing in quality pieces, then they would be less willing to throw away clothing that’s been worn less than 5 times.

What’s next for Dooblavey?

DOOBLAVEY will continue to design multifunctional and purposeful clothing while being waste conscious. We are seasonless, so we will not be launching collections based on the fashion cycles (Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer, or resort). We will only launch products as we see fit.