Chatting with Nadja Forsberg – Swedish Stockings founder and creative director

CITY : Stockholm

COUNTRY : Sweden

Meet Nadja and Linn co-founders of the world’s first sustainable hosiery brand and winners of Elle product of the year 2016. are very excited to be the first  and only retailer in Ireland selling Swedish Stockings and you can now shop them in our Sustain collection.

The Andrea Smoking tights are our favorite and can be purchased here 🙂

Who is the typical Swedish Stockings customer?

She is a conscious woman who likes design, cares for good quality and sustainability.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

I would say the women who will wear them. We want to design beautiful, comfortable and long lasting hosiery for all women.

Can you please give us a sense of what happens to used pantyhose when they are recycled with Swedish Stockings?

We want to close the loop and eventually be able to fully recycle old hosiery. However, to make that possible we need to be able to separate the polyamide in the yarn (A.K.A the nylon) from the elastane (the stuff that makes it nice and stretchy) to make new pantyhose. Unfortunately, this technology isn’t available just yet although it isnt far away. In the meantime, we have a short term solution. We are grinding old pantyhose down into fibre glass tanks for oil traps for the commercial industry. These tanks are extremely hard wearing and last a long time, which is an amazing use of disregarded pantyhouse! Glamorous, No. Sustainable, Yes! As long as they dont end up in a landfill – we are committed to cleaning up the whole industry.

How much does your job vary on a daily basis?

When running a start up you have to be prepared to do a little bit of everything. As you grow and you are able to hire people your role becomes more defined. I would say patience and being able to prioritize are two important qualities. Also, take the time to do things the right way from the beginning will enable your business to grow more rapidly and smoothly later on.