Capsule Collection P.i.C Style London

London based Rhoda Chan and Sarah Brooker are the two conscious entrepreneurs behind P.i.C Style which was born out of an obsession to do fashion the right way. All pieces in the P.i.C collection are is consciously designed and made in a North London factory with fabrics locally sourced, sustainable, organic or select stock material.

We caught up with the pair after discovering them on instagram and asked them to be part of our consciously curated brands here on .

How did p.i.c-style come about?

We both wanted to do something positive in our lives and for the environment.  With fashion design, brand and management backgrounds it was natural for us to pursue a business which played on our strengths and also something we would be proud of and believe in.  But we didn’t just want to follow the industry norms, we chose to “Do it Right”. Our vision was and still is, to create a contemporary capsule wardrobe that is timeless, space-saving and with limited impact on the environment. Thoughtful slow fashion. It’s time to stop over buying and instead choose stuff you love and invest in it.

What were your biggest fears when you first set out to start p.i.c-style?

Finance and failure is of course a huge worry for any new independent business and was also for us.  But as they say, better to try than never knowing.  Doing it Right was never going to be easy but at least a step in the right direction.

Why are you passionate about sustainable fashion?

We believe there is a better way to living and one of which is to be selective and choose well.  To be fair and supportive to each other.  Plus there is only one planet after all.

What are your top tips for others trying to lead more sustainable lives?

Recycle, re-use, upcycle, choose well in terms of quality fair priced products and support independent small businesses.