Sustain / Sister was founded with a rebellious spirit and a “less is more” philosophy.
We want people to shift to a more sustainable way of buying clothing. It’s time to trash the throwaway mentality of fast fashion and rethink what we really need in our wardrobes. Through offering a carefully curated selection of ethical sustainable, environmentally friendly brands, Sustain / Sister aims to show that you don’t have to compromise style for ethics. We believe in high quality, stylish, affordable clothing that has a conscious.


Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: women purchase too many garments that are only worn once. With a belief in ”sharing is caring” and in an attempt to change the ”need” to constantly fill up our lives and our landfills with clothes, a borrowing boutique was established. Each vintage piece has its’ own unique story and the recycled designer delights speak for themselves. Party dresses are only worn an average of 1.7 times, this needs to change! Sustain / Sister’s dresses have more life in them and want to attend better parties.


In terms of our sustainable product we believe that quality should always be chosen over quantity and when it comes to borrowing a dress, we believe what you wear should leave you looking killer without killing the planet.